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Welcome to the world of Dress-up!

We have a HUGE selection of costumes, props, backdrops,  decor, Sound and Lighting equipment and much more!

Let us help you with your concert, production, event or party! 






Alice Props

Alice, with mushrooms and flowers (Fairyland) R850
Alice with waterfall and flowers  R650
Alice forest (PACT)  R950
Forest (TUT new)R650
Mottled flower (photo backdrop)  R250
Alice (old)R185
The White Rabbit (old) R160
The White Rabbit (new) R195
The Cheshire Cat R85
Alice (new) R195
Mad Hatter  R185
March Hare R185
Tweedledee and Tweedeldum R95
King of Hearts  R110
Queen of Hearts R185
Cards cut-out and game  R195
Dormouse    R110
 Cake, giant  R95
Cake, medium   R75
Topsy Turvy Neon Cakes  R150
Cards, Giant  R75
Cards, medium R35
Croquet sign R45
Croquet set with flamingos R230
Fairy Tale book, giant (turn able pages)   R450
Fairy Tale book, giant (without pages)   R185
Fairy tale bridge  R285
Garden arch R185
Garden arch with ivy and flowers R250
Hat, Giant   R110
Logs, artificial R55
Lost sign  R185
Mushroom cut-outs R230
Mushrooms on stands  R130
Mushroom stools to sit on R75
Picket fence (coloured)  R65
Picket fence (white)  R55
Rabbit hole  R220
Rose bushes (red) R180
Throne   R395
Throne (giant)  R485

Aladdin Props

Inside the magic cave (7m x 3m) R750
Treasure (Narrow, 6m x 2m) R350
Baghdad (6m x 3m) R650
Inside the cave (photo backdrop, 3m x 2,8m) R220
Aladdin’s lamp  R65
Arabian Arch, giant  R285
Hubbly bubbly pot, giant brass  R250
Carpets, Arabian R60
Cave pieces, giant R350
Flame lights   R300
Flying carpet stand on wheels R285 (with carpet R350)
Palm trees (3D)  R190
Pots, Arabian R185
Spice stand with bags R285
Smoke machines, including fluid R385
Stalagmites R130
Treasure chest, silver R350
Treasure Chest, brown R350
Treasure Chest (medium) R250
Treasure Chest (Small) R65


Circus and Carnival Props


Circus, strong man R180
Circus, Amazon  R180
Circus, lady R180
Circus, elephant R180
Carnival (giant)  R850

Bag in the hole  R220
Carnival acrobat  R285
Carnival acrobat (double figurine)  R350
Carnival signpost R220
Circus board  R85
Dice, wooden (giant)  R75 each
Jack in the box, glitter colours with lid (medium) R185
Jack in the box, glitter colours with lid (large)  R185
Pin the nose on the clown prop   R130
Spin the Wheel prop  R230
Sweet trolley R385 each
Ticket booth, striped  R185
Ticket booth, glitter  R185
Train with a coach  R750



Haunted House  R650
Witch R95
Cat R65
Cauldron R95
Cage (2 piece) R285
Cage (4 piece) R395
Cauldron (3D) R220
Candelabra, silverR95
Candelabra, gold  R65
Candelabra, with black net R110
Coffin, life size (black)  R295
Coffin with mummy  R395
Guillotine R450
Grave digger statue R185
Haunted bookshelves R550
Parcans  R130
Pirate head on base  R150
Pumpkin, giant  R185
Pumpkin, medium  R40
Skeleton hand centre piece  R35
Skeleton, life size R250
Skeleton, hanging (scarecrow)  R110
Skeleton, hanging R85
Skeleton head on base  R150
Skull, giant  R95
Smoke machines, including fluid R385
Stocks R350

tombstones (Polystyrene) R230
Troll Bridge  R385
Window inserts  R75
TOILET TOMBSTONE: when you gotta go you gotta go RIP: Chris. P. Bacon RIP: Barry M. Deep RIP: Ida Voider Sheila Rose – Everything is Rosie – so I thought RIP: Count Dracula Kryptonite Sucks RIP: Myra Mains – I told you I was sick RIP: Noah Eascape – I always felt trapped Here lies an atheist – all dressed up with nowhere to go. Here lies Mozart - decomposing  

HOLLYWOOD, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s: 
Black & White backdrops    R195 each
Gene Kelley -Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe Charlie Chaplin

Casino R650
Diner set (3 panel) R250 per Panel
Diner girl (with hole for photo R95
Elvis (with hole for head  R95
Kiss, Madonna, James Bond R165
Man receiving oscar (photo cut-out)  R130
Pink Cadillac  R285
Woman arriving at oscars R130
Milk shakes/burgers etc  R85
10 metre (3)  R350
7 metre (5)  R320
5 metre (1) R285
3 metre (4) R225
Camera (box) R150
Camera (old) R85
Camera (video) R150
Casino signs (poker, roulette etc) R35
Giant dice, wooden R75
Film reel centerpieces R45
Film projector (old) R110
Follow spotlight R750
Microphone on stand old R150
Mirror ball (including motor and spotlight)  R250
Oscars, giant (2,2m) R395
Oscars, medium (1,2m)  R295
Oscar trophies Small (sold)  POR
Parcans    R130
Phone (old)  R150
Phone (antique)   R185
Pillars (white, 2,2 metres)  R185
Radio (wireless - old)  R165
Records, vinyl   R3
Record bowls, vinyl   R25
Red Carpets (10m)   R350
Rose bushes, red  R180
Smoke Machines (including fluid) R260
Stanchion Poles (silver)  R85
Stanchion poles (gold)  R105
Television, (old)  R165
Typewriter (old)    R130